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          What it takes to be a National IT Specialist

          Ensuring IT systems are optimally supporting the business at all times requires people who enjoy working collaboratively, have attention to detail, and the ability to manage a heavy workload. But more than that, we’re looking for IT Specialists who are ahead of the curve – the best and brightest on the cutting edge of information technology. You’ll be given a high level of autonomy in return so being efficient and self-motivated is essential. This position is located in our corporate office in Minchinbury, NSW.

          It’s cool knowing that I contributed to the growing success of the company via the automation of store ordering

          Steve, National IT Specialist.

          The rewards – What’s in it for you: 

          Market leading remuneration
          Be part of a growing organisation
          Solve tough business challenges
          No day is the same

          Thankfully the rewards are as big as the challenges. We offer high levels of autonomy and responsibility, extensive training, and the opportunity to solve new business challenges. Furthermore, we provide industry-leading remuneration and the satisfaction of seeing your efforts directly contribute to the operational success of the business.

          The role challenges: 

          Long hours
          Fast paced
          High pressure
          Tight deadlines
          Hard work

          Our business is always changing and so staying on top of industry trends and remaining up to date with cutting edge technology is crucial - we expect this will be your passion outside of work. In order to translate this knowledge to your role, you’ll also need to know all aspects of ALDI and be willing to work hours as necessary to meet tight deadlines. 

          *Includes superannuation. Remuneration varies depending on location and ALDI experience.

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