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          What it takes to be an Office Assistant

          Incredible levels of organisation, an eye for detail, and a cool head under pressure - our Office Assistants possess all of these traits. In addition, you’ll need strong communication skills to liaise with internal and external parties, the ability to multitask in a hectic and ever changing environment and a high level of knowledge about your specific work area. This job is perfect for people who are highly organised and have a place for everything and everything in its place.

          Once you work for ALDI, you don’t really see
          yourself working anywhere else

          Katelyn, Office Assistant.

          The rewards – What’s in it for you: 

          Market leading remuneration
          Be part of a growing organisation
          Comprehensive training
          5 weeks annual leave

          The ability to have a hands-on influence on not only your work area but the broader business is a real source of satisfaction for our Office Assistants. On top of that, we offer the opportunity to be an integral part of a dynamic, close-knit team, flexible work arrangements, and an above industry average salary. 

          The role challenges: 

          Hard work
          Fast paced
          High pressure
          Dealing with unexpected issues
          Tight deadlines

          Regardless of your department, the unexpected is expected at ALDI, so you’ll need to be comfortable in a fast, high-pressure environment. As we’re always trying to improve, there’ll be numerous tasks to work on at any given time and we encourage only natural multi taskers to apply. Our store network is constantly growing, the work is non-stop, so you’ll need to be flexible in your approach, adaptable to all situations and comfortable with change.

          * Includes superannuation. Remuneration varies depending on location and ALDI experience.

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