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          What it takes to be a Warehouse Section Leader

          A calm disposition and the ability to problem solve under pressure - this is the starting point for all our Warehouse Section Leaders. As leaders in our distribution centres, they’re responsible for supervising all warehouse activities, from receiving, picking & packing and inventory management to coordinating the rostering and training of team members. It’s a demanding role that requires you to be self-motivated,results-driven and have fantastic planning and organisational skills. Prior leadership and logistics experience is a must.

          If you don’t have a strong work ethic, forget about it; everyone’s relying on each other to get the job done

          Donaliza, Warehouse Section Leader

          The rewards – What’s in it for you: 

          Market leading remuneration
          Be part of a growing organisation
          Comprehensive training
          No day is the same

          There’s no doubt the challenges are great for our Warehouse Section Leaders, so we’d like to think we provide the rewards to match. We offer the opportunity to be part of one of Australia’s fastest growing retailers, the chance to solve real business challenges and to see the positive impact of your decisions. In addition, our distribution centres are maintained to the highest standards, so the working conditions are great, as is the remuneration package, flexible work arrangements, and comprehensive training program.

          The role challenges: 

          High pressure
          High pressure
          Early morning starts
          Managing people
          Regimented process

          Try coordinating stock distribution to 80 odd stores and counting. The planning and foresight it takes to do this is never-ending. It’s a fast-paced, hands-on role with a heavy workload, so it’s essential to possess a strong work ethic and the ability to adapt to changing situations. Multitasking and time management are equally important, as you will have to deal with many demands at any one time. Finally, and most importantly, the role is all about motivating and developing a team of people - success in this will be your biggest challenge, but also your biggest reward. 

          *Includes superannuation. Remuneration varies depending on location, contracted hours and ALDI experience. 

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